Continuing in the Midst of Wars

OH staff write, “There has been bombing in Kyiv tonight and in the morning, and all May. Please help us to raise new generation of youth among orphans here. Together we are strong and can do more. We are going to Mayak orphanage a lot and work there with 81 kids/teens together with our volunteers.

This week we have been hosting a day camp for 63 children.

Please stand with us in your prayers and support!”

The United Nations estimates that nearly 18 million people need humanitarian aid as a result of the civil war in Myanmar, now entering its third year. It has continued getting worse, even this week. Orphan’s Hope has a great ministry in Myanmar caring for orphans which are among those suffering most. Our staff are so faithful and are really heroes in the face of great challenges. Only a lack of resources keeps us from helping more orphans.

More orphans are being sent to orphanages as a result of the war and we have been accepting more orphans this last month at our Garden Home orphanage.

We can’t do it without you.  Thank You for Your Support!