Mung Boy  (Pictured with OH staff)

Mung Boy and is 6 years old. He and his sister and arrived to Garden Home in the midst of Covid-19 in 2020. Their mum died with Kidney disease and father passed away in the war. They came from Northen part of Chin state near to North India. This area has been effected significantly by Civil war as well as Covid-19 from which many have died. The whole village had to flee to IDP camp at the India  border because of war. We give Thanks to God to delivered us from the harms of Covid-19 and Civil war.  Now we feel very safe and happy to have a new lovely family in Garden Home. Before we came to GH, we have no chance to go to school. Now we are learning English, math and music at GH. My favorite part is to looking after the organic chickens and ducks. Thank you for your love!


I’m 7 years old and I came from Kayah state. My parents and some relatives died in civil war in the village. The whole village was burned, and people fled to refugee camp in the jungle. I was saved by the missionary family and later they sent me to Garden Home to have a better future. I’m so happy at Garden Home to study English and music.

My favorite part is to listen to Bible stories and learn dancing. Thank you for your kindness to us. God Bless You!

Danil Koroluk

Danik is a 12 year old who has been with us three years now. When we first started working with him, Danik had big issues with obedience, self-control, bad habits, lack of attention and upbringing. He is a social orphan with no father and a mother who has not really been there for him. Today….

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Lun Naw

Lun Naw is 10 years old. When she was 2 years old her mother died in a traffic accident and a few years later her father died from drug addiction. She have no relative to look after her. She was sent to an orphanage in the neighborhood. Then she came from Kachin state to Garden….

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Nandar Yar

First of all, I would like to thank you for being so generous, love and support. It truly means so much for me. My name is Nandar Yar. I came from Mon state near Thailand border. I have three younger brothers.When I was 8 Years old, mother died and two years later father died with….

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My name is Teresa. I’m 15 years old and study in grade 8. My parents passed away when I was 8 years old. After that my grandparents looked after me. As they grew older, they weren’t enable to provide for my education and food. A Pastor from my village helped my grandparents to sent me….

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Jeremy & John

Jeremy is 4 years old and John is 6 years old. Theirs mom died in 2012 and father died in 2013 in an accident. They were taking care of their grandmother but she got stroke in 2014 March. These two boys received rare care by the neighbor. Jeremy was so weak and lying down in….

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Mana Paing

First of all, I would like to thank you for your kindly support for my school fees. Without your support I would have had no hope for my studies. If I would not have passed grade-10, my further education would have stopped at high school level. As I am an orphan I want to have….

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My name is Aaron.When I was 2 years old my mother died of malaria and my father died in the civil war in the north of Myanmar. I have lived in Garden Home for 14 years. I finished high school in 2011. After that I went to study at CVT vocational training school. There I….

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Myo Jacob

Myo Jacob is 8 years old. When he was 7 months old both parents died in a traffic accident and he went to live with his old grandpa. Now his grandpa is over 80 years old and he just could not support him. Now he is living Garden Home orphanage and doing well.

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My name is Samuel. I’m 18 years old.When I was 5 years old my father passed away. One year later, my mother also passed away. My grandfather looked after me for three months, but she later sent me to Garden Home orphanage. Garden Home have been a great blessing place and loving family. I have….

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