We help many orphanages that are living in impoverished conditions, improving the lives of their children. Our Garden Home orphanage has also had a big impact both in our orphans lives and many from other orphanages. Garden Home is on a beautiful 27 acre peninsula on a river, with big trees, veggie gardens, and great places for the children to run and play. Children from other orphanages love to come to Garden Home for camp, summer school, day programs, sports, a big Christmas celebration, and more.

Every year we deliver tons of rice and other supplies to numerous orphanages who were struggling. Many children in these homes, also received school uniforms, key supplies and living condition improvements.

During last April many enthusiastic children and youth attended our camps and summer school at Garden Home and we look forward to having again next year.

Many thanks to all our donors and the volunteer teams for your support. The teams did an excellent job, and together we have been able to help many children, including food relief to many homes throughout the year.

The orphanage above had been without food for two weeks. Staff members wept and the children cheered when they saw the Orphan’s Hope truck arrive with fruit, veggies, rice, beans, and meat. We see such needs regularly and can only meet them with partners like you.

OH Myanmar Christmas Programs provided 1500 orphans with gifts and much needed items. These children had a good Christmas meal, gifts, and celebration at Garden Home. These have been a great success.

Thank you to new and existing donors for support which has provided for urgent needs in many orphanages this year.

Many orphans are not getting fruit and meat even once a week.