First of all, I would like to thank you for being so generous, love and support. It truly means so much for me. My name is Nandar Yar. I came from Mon state near Thailand border. I have three younger brothers.When I was 8 Years old, mother died and two years later father died with mental illness. After parents passed away, we stayed with elder sister’s family. My sister’s family were very poor and have a hard time to provide meals for us and her own children. They do not have enough income for the family living. One day we met an evangelist who came to shared the gospel in our village. They told us about Orphan’s Hope. At first we had a hard time to leave our village and go to Yangon because we don’t want to live in an orphanage. We all cried on the train on the way to Garden Home.
When we arrived to Garden Home, we had a real feeling like it is our home and children are so friendly and all the house parents welcomed us with warm love and smiles. Everyday they encouraged us with Bible teaching and they accepted us as a family members. My dream is to become a good teacher. My commitment is to inspire other children with broken lives.

Thank you for your support. I am so grateful!

Nandar Yar