Delivered 155,000 meals for 920 orphans

Thank you to our supporters! You are a wonderful blessing in a time of great need. Orphanages have been out of food or only having rice porridge. Thanks to God and you we were able to deliver over 75 tons of food in the last four weeks. In addition to food relief we have also delivered thousands of eggs (500 per orphanage) and 250 Kg. fish from our farm.


There we also two orphanages that had no water as their wells had run dry this week.  We put out the request with prayer. As soon as we decided to step out in faith and send, one of our dear donors said it was put on her heart to give. She is a widow and called the next day wanting to give for both wells. Praise the Lord!

Orphanages and ministries now are experiencing greater difficulties, as COVID-19 has brought shortages in donations they and we depend on, and in essentials supplies for the orphans in their care. We still need you. Your support today is an answer to their earnest prayers. We regularly see orphanages and their orphans so happy and rejoicing in God when we come with food you have donated. They pray for you and thank God for you. In these difficult days we greatly value your vital support for our ministry to “the least of these”.