Medical Teams

Doctors and medical staff, both within the country and from abroad provided free medical care to the orphans and children in the poor villages.

2018 has been busy with many great things happening. The children at our Garden Home orphanage are doing very well in school, health, and happiness.

We are thankful for numerous teams that faithfully  come over the years. We recently have had one medical team from overseas, also a large ministry team from Malaysia , as well as teams from the US and Singapore during the year.

The overseas medical team has provided medical care for numerous orphanages and their surrounding communities. Below are pictures from recent teams.

Medical care
In order to keep the children in good health, we took some children to local health clinic and do blood test and diagnosis, because of financial difficulty, most children could not receive blood test and diagnosis. Some children who are suffering from serious diseases and HIV virus are sent to hospitals to receive treatment. In case of minor illnesses, the children receive treatment from local clinic or health departments.