OH Ukraine Team at Mayak Orphanage near Kiev

We also have a computer club where orphans learn programming. On the left is Bubokar. He is a kid who was forced to leave his home country in Africa, due to political reasons of different castes. He ended up in Russia but even there he couldn’t get help and after crossing the Ukrainian border, Bubokar was taken to an orphanage. When he turned 18 he was obligated to move on, unprepared for the life before him. Bubokar got enrolled into a night school where he’s now learning the language. This boy’s dream is to become an IT programmer. Pasha, our Orphan’s Hope Ukraine staff member, invited him to our computer club to study the JavaScript programming language and how to create a website. Due to language barrier, studying progress consumes more time but with the right effort and God’s help, Bubokar will become a programmer!

Detailing Program Design
Kids coloring and drawing
Girls playing twister and having fun.

We have a great work with orphans in Ukraine shining the light of God’s love into their lives. Please pray for our staff both as they go to work with the children and for their financial support. More monthly donors are needed. Click Here to Donate