Orphans Suffering in Wars and Persecution

These are more challenging times than ever in caring for orphans internationally.  We thank God for all the children we are helping through Orphan’s Hope supporters.  Here are some highlights from recent weeks….

First, we are so thankful for our generous supporters in their response to our plea for getting the children into school.  We were able to help 340 orphans total, which is more than we even hoped and were praying for.  The kids look great in their new school uniforms and backpacks. They are thankful for your kindness and care for their future.

News from Morning Dawn Orphanage – Bombing at School

Shalom! We want to thank God for his protection. Last week, there was bomb a blast at the school that our children attend. There are some children with bad injuries and two were killed. However, none of our children has injuries. God is so good to us. Please continue pray for us. We live in Shan state and everyday there are ongoing wars around us.  The food price gone up to 70% in our area. There is only hope in God for us. Thank you for your love and support for food and education.

May God bless you all,
Morning Dawn Orphanage


We have 50 children in Win Child Care Orphanage. They all came from Rakhaing State war zones in Myanmar. Thank you for your faithfully support for food and school supplies. We can’t do this work without your support. Last month most of our children got dengue fever. In hospital, there are no room and space to accept our children. By God’s grace, we received medicines and food from Orphan’s Hope. The medicines helped to reduce high fevers and within few days all of them were healed. We very much appreciate for your love and support. When we are facing difficult situations, we all gather together to pray for our needs, for the nation and Orphan’s Hope partners.

God bless,
Pastor Zan Win


We support Caring and Sharing Home with 25 orphans that had to flee their village because of tensions between Muslims and Christians.  It became very dangerous with homes being burned down.  They fled to a kind Christian couple’s home who welcomed them in another village.  All 25 children and caretakers had to shelter there with one toilet.  Boys were sleeping out side and the weather was getting colder.  They urgently needed a better place to live.  As they prayed and looked God provided the funds for a new property through OH partners. The children and staff are so thankful.


 Thank you so much for supporting Orphan’s Hope in Caring for these Children!