Transforming Orphans’ Lives

While we provide relief for urgent needs, Orphan’s Hope is committed to bringing lasting solutions that care for the children’s physical, educational, and spiritual needs, in a way that gives them hope and a future. Orphan’s Hope is now celebrating over 22 years caring for children without parents. We are grateful for your partnership and need your help to care for these dear children!

We see many orphaned children before us who are in very great need of friends like you. In this amazing yet fleeting gift of life, we are blessed so we can care for others in need such as orphans.  Almost every week we have orphanage directors urgently calling us because they don’t have food. It shouldn’t be this way and we are working to make a difference. Please join us.

Your choice can bring hope and comfort to orphans who are genuinely struggling. You can give them a home with love, and a future with promise. For an orphan with no one to take them in, your kindness and decision to help, can make all the difference.

OH Ukraine Team
Caring for Orphans in Kiev Region

It is a very difficult time in Ukraine now with the war.  We continue to support our staff and are evaluating how we can best serve in light of conditions. (More news coming.)

For Orphans like these who need a home it means a lot for our staff to come and care about them and spend time together. We have worked with children in Ukraine orphanages for over 21 years. You can feel God’s love flowing through you to bless, encourage, and bring light into their lives.

Orphan’s Hope 2022 in Myanmar

It has been a very difficult year for many in Myanmar.  Thanks to our supporters we have continued to bring critical assistance to orphans and orphanages in need.  See 2022 Update…

Pakistan – Caring and Sharing Children’s Home

We started helping a very poor orphanage in Pakistan that lost their only supporter.  There are 25 children, all of whom have no family to care for them. We were able to provide food when they had no food, and the children were hungry. We gave them warm clothes and blankets when the weather was getting cold. We are sending them to school when they had never been. When they had to go miles for clean water, we helped them and the community to drill a well, and much more. We also have a great project to help them be self-sustaining.

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