Guavas and Sweet Potatoes

At our Garden Home orphanage we have had a vision from the beginning to have an abundance of fruit trees and vegetable gardens.  Today it is beautiful place with so many varieties of fruit trees and great nutrition from the gardens for the children in our care.   It helps us be more self-sustaining and provide healthy diet where so many other orphanages lack food and healthy meals for their children. We have guavas, mangos, bananas, jack fruit, Asian pears, dragon fruit, papaya, pomelos, watermelon, pineapple, and more.  Our Orphan’s Hope staff and Garden Home children enjoy these very much and help at harvest.

This year we also grew many sweet potatoes which are a healthy source of nutrition, along with many other organic garden vegetables. Here are some pictures the children doing chores and staff working to harvest. We thank God for these great blessings of His wonderful creation.