Story from Oleg’s Life and Importance of Family

Translation of Oleg’s video message
“My name is Oleg. I was 6 years old when I was removed from my family and placed in an orphanage. I lived at the orphanage for the rest of my school-aged years; I have never had a family. But after graduation from the orphanage school, I went to US for a period. I became acquainted with a family, and they invited me to live with them for a year. This family experience had a big impact on my life. I became more open towards people. When a child is in an orphanage, he is so withdrawn. But with the family in America I became more open, friendly, and social…

When you feel family love, especially when it comes from a believing family, it indeed changes your heart. Because of being in the family, I felt that I could make it. I began to have goals, dreams. If I had not been invested in by this family on time, honestly, I have no idea where I would be or who I would have become. This experience opened many opportunities for me to develop spiritually and socially, and it defined what I like to do. I chose to study video making. Being in the family gave me understanding of who I am. It made me realize that I can reach my goals and grow. I have already been making professional videos for more than 8 years now and my business is very successful. I have travelled to 25 countries. I encourage families if they’re still thinking whether or not to take a child home. It is not an easy decision. It is going to be hard at times. But you will influence the world of many children who also may become successful in their own families. I encourage everyone to trust the Lord to lead you.”
Oleg came up through our Orphan’s Hope program in Ukraine in his teens and attended our camps on the Black Sea every year. It was a real blessing and privilege for him to stay with us for a year. Love him and are very thankful to God for using us in his life. I encourage more families to love these children through adoption, foster care, student exchange, and support the ministry of Orphan’s Hope.
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